Introducing achieve+forum, a Global Leadership Development Company

The Forum Corporation and the leadership segment of AchieveGlobal, Inc., are coming together to deliver a market-leading and comprehensive global leadership development offering. Capable of helping businesses implement a customized strategy to develop leaders and improve performance by design, Forum Corporation is expected to officially begin operating as “achieve+forum, inc.” in July.

By combining the leadership assets from AchieveGlobal with Forum’s set of solutions and services, achieve+forum will be uniquely positioned to serve the entire leadership continuum with a depth of content unrivaled in the marketplace. By designing each solution to solve the client’s critical business issues, achieve+forum will develop customized strategies to yield improved performance and measurable results.

While AchieveGlobal’s leadership business is moving to achieve+forum, its sales effectiveness and customer service capabilities will remain a part of MHI Global. Both Forum and MHI Global are TwentyEighty companies.

“achieve+forum brings together more than 85 years of research and client experience that can turn high potential into high performance by design – blended and multi-modal resources tailored specifically to help organizations meet their unique challenges,” said Russ Becker, CEO of achieve+forum. “We know that people are the most critical element behind the successful development and execution of any organization’s strategy. We help organizations align their people and give them a personalized blueprint to drive successful execution of their strategy. We also help organizations develop and improve the performance of their leaders using methodologies that are consistently proven to deliver results.”

Forum is a recognized global leader in linking learning to strategic business objectives. Its programs mobilize employees, accelerate business initiatives and improve agility. Founded in 1971, Forum delivers effective solutions that enables businesses to develop leadership strategies at each level, from individual contributors, or “emerging leaders,” to front- line managers to mid-level to the C-Suite.

AchieveGlobal’s leadership development training solutions offer a high quality experience suited for each organization’s needs. The training is available in-person or delivered online, and provides the skills and insights employees need to master the challenges of the modern workplace.

“We are making significant investments in research and development to build new solutions that are based on the rich history and intellectual property of Forum and AchieveGlobal that will deliver exceptional value to our customers,” said Craig Perrin, senior product manager of leadership and management for achieve+forum. “And at the end of the day, our mission is to design and provide organizations with the tools to develop talent into highly performing, successful leaders that can be counted on to deliver meaningful results.”

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