Introducing AchieveForum, Developing the World’s Best Leaders

We’d like to introduce you to AchieveForum. Our name may be new but we are still committed to helping organizations develop great leaders that lead to business success.

When you think about it, the creation of AchieveForum makes perfect sense. We brought two industry-leading organizations – The Forum Corporation and the leadership practice of AchieveGlobal – to create AchieveForum. Together, we have more than 85 years of global experience helping organizations turn potential into performance.

Simply put, we focus on the most critical element to the success of any organization – its leadership. We have a rich history built on gaining a deep understanding of what makes the best leaders successful, and then using that knowledge to design training and development programs that maximize performance. Our combined solutions help organizations develop leaders at every level. We have solutions that are built for emerging and front line leaders to solutions built for mid and senior level leaders.

But we’re not just resting on our past research and products – we’re making a significant investment in our future. In fact, this year we’re making one of the largest investments in research and development in the history of our company. We are building and updating solutions based on our deep intellectual property and vast experience in the leadership development space. We’re doing this so we can deliver and implement modern learning solutions based upon current research on what drives performance.

We know what extraordinary leadership looks like because we have extensive research studying the very best. We’ve studied the behaviors, practices and actions of the very best leaders, as well as the characteristics and traits that are demonstrated by the most successful leaders.

As a result, our solutions are designed based on sound research and are intentionally aligned to improve client outcomes. We know each organization has its own unique challenges, culture and objectives. Our approach calibrates our offerings to fit each organization. We realize the current business climate is changing faster than ever, and that successful leaders must compete in a hyper-competitive, global, fast-moving environment. To drive the right outcomes in this environment we know that our solutions must be tightly aligned to each of our client’s business needs.

Our content can be easily combined with existing learning solutions, enabling organizations to blend proven content with specific organizational needs. This allows organizations to target specific behaviors to meet their business challenges in the most effective way possible.

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