Behavior Change is Hard, But Critical

Let’s face it, behavior change is difficult. If breaking habits was easy, this would be a world full of rich, fit, non-smokers. Now try to apply change to an entire organization. Rolling out a new product? Overhauling your accounting system? Changing sales software? If people can’t adapt to change, the business is sure to suffer.

The best place for organizations to apply change is within their leadership, at all levels of an organization –senior and mid-level leaders or even emerging leaders. Leaders drive change.

Perhaps counterintuitively, change can be even harder for leaders. If a person is in a leadership position, shouldn’t they be better at adapting to conditions that face their team or their business? We would like to think so. But it’s often not the case. Why is that?

There are dozens of reasons. For example, the higher a person goes within an organization, the less likely they are to receive meaningful feedback, which is a critical part of growing and changing for the better. Just ask yourself – would you want to tell the boss they are wrong?

Sometimes leaders suffer from any number of common delusions that make behavior change hard. One delusion is the gap between knowing and doing. It’s easy for any person to trick themselves in to thinking that knowing they need to change is enough. It’s not nearly enough. The gap between knowing and doing is wide. To actually change and create change in others requires new methods and ways of doing, not just new thinking.

AchieveForum is proud to have partnered with Marshall Goldsmith to create a program that helps leaders change. Marshall is one of the most recognized executive educators in the world. For more than 30 years, he has worked with executives and leaders at organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, The World Bank, Target, Best Buy, The Mayo Clinic and Ford.

Marshall’s research has identified a key set of behaviors that lead to success, as well as a defined set of behaviors that derail success. AchieveForum has utilized our 45 years of proven experience designing and delivering training programs to build a course that applies insights from Marshall’s two bestselling books, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers.

The program applies to leaders at all levels, and is designed to help:

  • Break habits that are holding them back from success
  • Enhance trust within their teams
  • Build employee engagement through building better relationships
  • Implement proven tools to sustain meaningful and lasting change
  • Achieve new heights in performance

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