The 4 Phases of Success

Based on our experiences implementing action learning in client organizations, AchieveForum has created a simple process that incorporates all of the success factors that are so critical to implementing action learning successfully. Our four-phased action learning process helps to structure and execute action learning to realize its dual goals of business results and individual learning and development.

Here is an overview of the key outcomes of each phase.

Phase 0: Define

 Identify the purpose and role of action learning in the leadership development program.
 Understand the organization’s readiness for action learning.
 Select the type of action learning best suited to the organization’s business and leadership learning needs.
 Identify business issues that might benefit from action learning interventions.

Phase 1: Structure

 Create a well-informed team capable of managing the implementation.
 Align stakeholders, inform them about their roles, and ready them to support participants’ action learning activities.
 Create appropriate processes for identifying action learning projects.

Phase 2: Conduct

 Implement action learning projects that have an impact on individual leadership development and on business issues.
 Ensure appropriate and effective coaching of participants throughout their action learning.
 Communicate action learning project results through high- quality presentations.

Phase 3: Incorporate

 Incorporate and execute project recommendations for positive business results.
 Incorporate changes in management/leadership behavior for a positive impact on individual leaders and those they work with.

Action learning projects can be complex and difficult to implement successfully. Because of their high-profile and use of scarce resources, this risk is amplified. By paying attention to the seven keys to success and the four-phase approach, even the most complex team action learning projects can deliver enormous benefits to both business results and leadership development.


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