Engagement + Accountability = Performance that Matters

In a recent survey, we responded to client interest in accountability and what drives it.   We undertook this work because we see a connection between accountability and engagement.  We believe that Engagement + Accountability = Performance that Matters.

Let me give a brief explanation.   Engagement- namely the motivation to exert extra effort to achieve results- and accountability- taking on the difficult challenges that makes a real difference- lead to outcomes that advance organizations and strengthen their cultures from “business as usual” to meaningful, sustained progress.

Our survey revealed an accountability gap that parallels the engagement gap that many experts have observed.   Roughly just under 20% of the work force is highly engaged and a slightly lower percentage is fully accountable.

How do we close a gap that is critical to business success?  At AchieveForum, we call the capabilities that lead to performance that matters, 6 for 60. It’s called 6 for 60 because by focusing on these 6 capabilities we can harness and focus the potential of the 60% of talent that lies below most engaged and accountable members of our work force.

6 for 60 includes:

  1. Establishing clear and well-aligned goals organizationally & individually
  2. Admitting mistakes in way that protects credibility, advances problem solving and helps us to the right and difficult thing
  3. Advocating for the resources & abilities needed for success
  4. Addressing differences in approach to goals we have with key stakeholders
  5. Resolving dilemmas that underlie challenging business issues
  6. Coaching others how to take accountable action to achieve results

With focus and commitment and the right dosage of support and challenge to leadership and followership we can create the conditions that lead to performance that matters.


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