Upcoming Webinar: Engaging and Amplifying High Potential Leaders

By definition, high-potential leaders have the potential to strengthen leadership pipelines and add to organizational success. However, the benefits are not easily gained. Turbulence related to talent ambiguity, involuntary turnover, and learner distraction can dilute development efforts and impede business results.

The solution? Successful organizations use a combination of strategy alignment, rich assessments, and remarkable experiences to engage top leadership talent and amplify their performance.

Join Training Industry and AchieveForum for a stimulating and highly interactive webinar on high-potential leaders. This session will cover how to strengthen leadership pipelines and improve organizational success, while navigating the turbulence of talent ambiguity, involuntary turnover and learner distraction.

The free webinar will be held Tuesday, June 20 at 2 p.m. ET, and registration is open now. Click here to reserve your spot.

Your webinar hosts, Tom Rose, Ph.D. (head of global innovation and client solutions, AchieveForum) and Ellen Foley (senior solutions director, AchieveForum), will share their development practices for high-potential leaders.

This interactive webinar will provide key insights into:

  • The importance of high-potential leaders to leadership pipelines and organizational success
  • Practices and approaches for identifying high-potential leaders
  • How to engage top talent through leadership development
  • How to enable high-potential leaders to flourish


We look forward to connecting with you for this thought-provoking conversation!

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