Announcing the AchieveForum Suite Certification Workshop

Attention AchieveForum clients! We’re excited to announce our new Suite Certification Workshop, designed for clients who want to add internal capability to facilitate a wide range of leadership training modules to their employees.

During the 4-day workshop, candidates engage in a variety of learning activities and practices to prepare them to effectively lead any of the 38 modules in the suite. Each candidate has opportunities to pre­pare content, practice, and receive in-depth feedback from the master trainer and peers in the group, and all activities are focused on building the skills and behaviors to create impactful learning experiences. Download the fact sheet for more information, including a description of all 38 modules.

The Suite Certification Workshop brings together best practices and design elements from decades of combined experience from AchieveGlobal and The Forum Corporation.

Note class size is limited to 6 participants to ensure ample time for practice and individualized feedback.

The Suite Certification Workshop will be held:

October 24-27 (Chicago area)

Nov 7-10, 2017 (Tampa area)

More details are available on our events page.

To enroll in a public session, candidates can contact their AchieveForum sales representative or email Additional sessions may be added throughout the year as client demands require.

Clients who wish to run a private onsite session can contact their sales representative for scheduling.

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