4 Webinar Takeaways: Engaging and Amplifying High-Potential Leaders

Every company has some high-potential leaders in their midst. The challenge is to identify them and nurture their development, a task much easier said than done. High-potential development is a critical talent management priority for many organizations and doing it well is a practice of high-performance organizations.

Recently we hosted a webinar in conjunction with Training Industry where Ellen Foley and I explored this topic and provided some best practices to develop a high-potential leadership program.

Here are four priorities for optimizing return on investment in high-potential development, based on our 40 years of leadership development experience and a close review of recent high-potential research.

  1. Clarify the stretch that is being asked of high-potential leaders. What are they being asked to do and how will they do it? This clarity is too often missing and limits the ability of high-potential programs to deliver on planned outcomes
  2. Match the people with the right traits with the right learning experiences. Failure to effectively match capabilities with experience means that graduates of a high-potential program are not equipped for bigger roles and job failure results.
  3. Help participants overcome challenging skill application situations with mentorship from senior leaders and expert facilitation new business and interpersonal/leadership skill development. Expert coaching/facilitation and mentoring from senior leaders are vital investments in successfully completing the trial and error process of learning to think and do differently.
  4. Build an ecosystem of reinforcing connections that facilitate high-potential career advancement. When career advancement does not follow career development, modest outcomes occur.

Interested in more research and best practices for developing and amplifying high-potential leaders?

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