Webinar Takeaways: From High Potential to High Performance

High-potential development is a critical talent management priority for many companies and doing it well signifies a high-performance organisation. Every company has some high-potential leaders in their midst. The challenge is to identify them and transform their potential into performance, a task much easier said than done.

Recently we hosted a webinar where Nithya Ramaswamy and I explored this topic and provided some best practices to develop a high-potential (HiPo) leadership program.

Research suggests that between half and two-thirds of HiPo programs are failing to deliver value for individuals and organisations! The programs don’t engage and satisfy the HiPos, and they don’t deliver a strengthened leadership pipeline. This is a big problem for organisations who need to deliver on this high-priority initiative.

The good news is an effective and results-driven HiPo program is possible. One-third of research respondents successfully developed HiPo Pathways that engaged the participants throughout their journey, resulting in a stronger internal leadership pipeline in their organisation.

What makes the difference? We have grouped the behaviours under two categories:  reducing risk and maximising value. Reducing risk is how you set up your HiPo Pathway for success while maximising value is about balancing the value for both organisation and individual.

Listen to the webinar recording to hear the full discussion, including examples and practical advice for reducing risk and maximizing value.

Interested in more research and best practices for developing and amplifying high-potential leaders? Download our whitepaper “Transforming High Potential into High Performance here.

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