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The Lead: A Big Sale for Airbus, Games Boost Tencent’s Profit

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Airbus Announces its Biggest Sale Ever

Airbus announced its biggest sale ever of 430 airplanes, including 273 A320neos and 157 A321neos, to Indigo Partners, a private-equity firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Indigo Partners has partial or total ownership of several airlines across America and Europe.

Our View: Buying decisions are a part of every leader’s career. Timing, product, and price are obvious key factors that go into buying decisions. Though harder to quantify, the reputations and trustworthiness of the company and people you are buying from are also important to consider. Further Reading

Thriving Games Business Grows Tencent’s Profit

Asia’s highest-valued technology company is Tencent, and due to its high-performing mobile and PC gaming businesses, its overall profit was up 69% year-on-year. Tencent is best known for WeChat, its messaging app that has 980 million monthly users when combined with its sister QQ service. Tencent also owns League of Legends for PC and Honour of Kings, the world’s most lucrative mobile app this year.

Our View: Quality leadership boosts profits. A leadership training and development company called Zenger Fokman evaluated the employees of a Fortune 500 company and found that its top 10% leaders brought in nearly double the net income that the middle 80% generated. The best leaders prioritize results, take initiative, and encourage others to do the same. Further Reading

WeWork Dives into Wave Pool Business

WeWork Cos. is a seven-year-old New York office-leasing company that purchased a large stake in Wavegarden, a maker of wave pools. The expansion is paired with risk as it is with any corporation overextending beyond their main competence.

Our View: Leaders have the option to follow a variety of theories of strategy, and the core competency theory is a theory that specifies that firms must focus on their strengths in order to gain a competitive advantage. These strengths or core competencies must be identified accurately to avoid a situation where too many or too few identified competencies lead to mistakes or missed opportunities. Further Reading

Leading Milk Packaging Company Increases Their Employee Satisfaction

A global market intelligence solution provider called Infiniti Research provided one of their clients, a leading milk packaging company, with an employee engagement study that helped increase their employees’ satisfaction and impact on business performance. The employee engagement research helped management understand their employees’ actions and helped employees understand their role in achieving their organization’s goals.

Our View: Encouraging employee satisfaction is a crucial component of effective leadership because it not only creates happier employees, it also creates better business outcomes. Personalized recognition goes a long way when it comes to reinforcing and motivating employees to achieve superior performance. A combination of financial and non-financial rewards that are tailored to employees at all levels of your organization can help address a wide variety of productivity challenges. Further Reading

Croatia Wants to Adopt Euro Within 7 to 8 Years

Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said Croatia plans to become a euro zone member within the next seven to eight years. “We don’t want to specify the exact dates, but we want Croatia to become a euro zone member within two government terms in office,” Plenkovic said at a recent economic conference.

Our View: A key dimension of great business leadership is a strong understanding of how external economic factors impact your company. The PEST analysis is an excellent tool to take into account four types of external factors that come into play in business. The four PEST categories to consider are political, economic, social, and technological factors. Further Reading

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