Today’s reality: Small budgets and disengaged employees

Organizations today face an overwhelming leadership challenge. Demand is massive and growing. In fact, the reality is that every employee leads, some several times a day, but L&D departments and budgets are not increasing. The gap between need and resources is extreme.

We recently hosted a webinar called Maximizing Everyday Leadership Moments where we had a chance to poll attendees on these issues.

We asked the 306 attendees what kinds of challenges their organization was facing. More than half shared that they are trying to reach disengaged employees and they have access to smaller discretionary budgets.

L&D professionals have the added challenge of evaluating multiple approaches to decide what will best help their organization succeed. Webinar attendees pegged just-in-time and adaptation as most difficult modalities to implement, followed closely by digital age skills.

How do these findings stack up with your experiences? Let us know in the comments.

For more insights, read the blog post “4 Webinar Takeaways: Maximizing Everyday Leadership Moments” or listen to the webinar recording.

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