The Lead: Apple’s Hospital Deals, Disney’s Timepiece, Tata and Silicon Valley

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Apple’s Recent Hospital Deals

Apple’s recent deals with big name healthcare systems could disrupt the entire healthcare industry by giving patients easier access to their own data. David Blumenthal MD and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra co-authored an opinion piece in the Harvard Business Review about Apple’s launch of a health records app with HL7’s FHIR specifications at 12 hospitals, writing that “it could liberate healthcare data for game-changing new uses, including empowering patients as never before.”

Our View: How leaders deal with large-scale unpredictable change can define not only their current success but also their legacy. Disruption is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, and it yields an immense variety of risks and opportunities. The goal of innovation is to make things better, faster, or cheaper. Stronger than innovation, disruption is about completely reinventing a whole business model or way of doing things. List ways your business can innovate its systems, products, or services, and then list the ways your business could disrupt its entire industry. This straightforward exercise of identifying and labeling possible changes can help your team seize opportunities and mitigate risks. Go a step further and classify specific change agents, whether they are individuals, roles, technology, or other instruments of change. Further Reading

Disney’s Official Timepiece

Citizen is a watchmaking company, innovative technology, and brand that seeks to make the world and its environment a better place. Its Eco-Drive technology eliminates the need for any battery-powered movements by using the power of light from any natural or artificial light source and converting it into energy. Walt Disney World Resort has named Citizen as its official timepiece, and it will have a significant branded presence at events like the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con.

Our View: Brand leaders create the vision and set standards for their brands to succeed, and they understand that there are several different paths for a brand to flourish in the marketplace. Though seemingly abstract, brands function in real time in the physical world and represent a desired purpose. The relationship between a brand leader and a brand plays a vital role in the brand’s success. Make your brand represent an aspiration that you are passionate about. Further Reading

Tata Communications Sends Employees to Silicon Valley

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Tata Communications provides network capacity to mobile and fixed network operators worldwide. Focused on growth by M&A and internal innovation, Tata Communications sends employees to Silicon Valley for ‘immersion week’ in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing market.

Our View: “Growing outside the box” is becoming even more relevant than “thinking outside the box.” Cross-industry collaborations create new ecosystems that can create offerings and capture value that one organization or even one entire industry cannot manage on its own. Smart cities, electric vehicles, and location-based technology for retail companies are all excellent examples of projects that benefited from new cross-industry ecosystems. Further Reading

Advancements in 3D Printing

Expert predictions show that the 3D printing industry could be worth $22 billion as soon as in one decade from now. 3D printing developments are making larger and more complex finished products readily available, and the industry is moving beyond rapid prototyping to an economically viable means of mass production.

Our View: Cutting-edge leaders prepare not only their organization for growth but also their industry for growth. This begins with managing organizational complexity by making processes scalable and preparing your people using internal and external resources where applicable. Carefully evaluate when local customization should take priority over global standards by considering factors like the product or service being created, market conditions, internal culture, and the skill set of the people involved. Further Reading

Microsoft Renewable Energy Deal in Asia

Microsoft made another renewable energy deal in Asia by purchasing three megawatts of solar-powered electricity from Atria Power in India that will be used to supply a new Microsoft office in Bangalore, India. “By purchasing local solar power to meet some of our local electricity needs, we’re not only meeting our goals but also supporting the growth of local clean energy industries,” Rob Bernard, Microsoft’s chief environmental strategist, said. “This growth leads to more clean electricity capacity, which will help India meet its targets for the Paris Agreement, reduce carbon emissions and provide clean electricity to its growing population.”

Our View: Whether it’s from a public or private sector perspective, complying with sustainability standards is an important part of leadership. Not only does it keep organizations compliant with legal regulations, superior sustainability leadership can drive business performance making it a great “green” initiative- creating both profits and environmental benefits. Further Reading

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