The Lead: Partnerships, Migraine Medicine, Catalonia’s President

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New Partnership Between The O Alliance and Red Archer Retail

The O Alliance, a consulting firm that helps retailers and consumer brands create seamless, circular commerce, announced that Red Archer Retail has joined its network of practitioners. Red Archer Retail is an advisory-style business that provides a platform for better, more interactive retail methods and will use its expertise to grow their client base in the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Our View: When employees develop a growth mindset, mergers and acquisitions can serve as excellent launching pads for transformational change. The concept of the growth mindset has been researched and popularized by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Leaders can encourage others to develop a growth mindset by communicating that talents and abilities are not fixed and that everyone has the opportunity to improve, learn, and develop mastery. Further Reading

FDA Approves New Migraine Medicine

The US Food and Drug Administration approved a new preventative migraine medicine called Aimovig. It is to be administered through monthly self-injections for adults with episodic or chronic migraines. Migraines affect more than 10% of people worldwide, and about 12% of the US population gets migraine headaches. Aimovig is predicted to cost $575 monthly or $6,900 annually in the United States.

Our View: Getting approval for something new, whether it’s a new product or simply a new idea, takes influence and persuasion. A good idea alone is often not enough to convince others to adopt it, and approval of something new can be less about the idea itself and more about how the concept is presented. Communicate how your new idea is aligned with your team’s priorities with a relatable story. Further Reading

Catalonia Swore in its New President

Catalonia, the semi-autonomous part of Spain that includes Barcelona, voted in Quim Torra as their new president, but he is facing growing criticism over the anti-Spanish tone of his past remarks. The Spanish justice ministry have not commented on the reports that prosecutors were looking into bringing charges of racial hate crimes against Torra over his tweets and articles.

Our View: S. Chris Edmonds, executive consultant and founder of The Purposeful Culture Group, explains “for leaders to be viewed as ethical, they must ensure that everyone – leaders, team members, customers, everyone – is treated with trust, respect and dignity in every interaction. To accomplish that, leaders must create a culture where values – how people treat each other – are as important as results, every day.” Fulfill your leadership role by treating others the way you would want to be treated had your roles been reversed. Further Reading

Storm-Chasing Tours

Storm-chasing tours are getting bigger each year, even though the associated risks have not diminished and seeing a tornado during a tour is not guaranteed. Storm-chasing tour companies include Tempest Tours, Silver Lining Tours, Extreme Tornado Tours, and Extreme Chase Tours. The risks associated with these tours have been highlighted recently by Sheriff Darren Atha of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma who is concerned about the associated dangers created by the tours’ unsafe speeds. Tour operators argue that they emphasize safety, avoid unpaved roads, and always ensure the presence of an escape route.

Our View: While everyone has a different appetite for risk, all business leaders should understand when and how it’s advantageous to pivot their business model and value proposition. Indicators that it’s time to pivot can be internal or external. Perhaps you can no longer build the products or services you’ve delivered in the past or your costs become too high. The issues could also be customer-centric where customers are unwilling to pay the price for your products or services. Legal, political, and economic forces impact your business as well, so it’s important to leverage the opportunities you have in your current environment. Further Reading

Nostalgia at Milan’s Design Week

The history of design was preserved at the most recent Milan Design Week where nostalgia was an apparent theme throughout many of the designs at the furniture fair where international designers showcase their work. Barbara Lehmann, a historical archives curator, says “there is the continual oscillation between past and present.”

Our View: Designers draw upon prior designs for inspiration, and it’s up to them to find the perfect balance of imitation and improvement. The same holds true for business leaders. Reflecting on past experiences is a valuable exercise and an even better activity when it becomes a habit. Remembering and clearly articulating what worked, what didn’t work, and why are key steps in creating better outcomes. Further Reading

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