Knowing when to let go

By Jaime Ortiz

One area most leaders struggle with is “Letting Go.” Let me explain…

Some leaders have a tendency to be Type “A” and therefore have a need for control. But the reality is, it’s impossible for any leader to control everything and still be effective. Therefore they need to learn to trust the very people that make up the company.

We talk about this and see it almost every day that everyone regardless of position will experience a leadership moment. Yet there are leaders out there who simply won’t let go and allow employees to step up and take ownership of their day-to-day responsibilities without a proper sign-off.

What’s up with that?

For all those leaders out there, you need to trust your employees and allow them to flex their muscles. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Remember… they are part of your team. If you can’t trust your team by allowing them to step up, make decisions, and yes, even make a few mistakes along the way, how will you see their and your company’s progress?

Will there be mistakes made? Yes. But as I recall, we all make mistakes and the key is learning from them. So, TRUST your people and trust they will do their very best for the betterment of the organization.

Remember…they are part of it too.


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