Needs Based Coaching for Manufacturing 4.0

This post is authored by Jessica Strzepek, Client Director.

Coaching is more important than ever in the manufacturing environment. For years technical skills have been the focus and soft skills have taken a backseat in training. With baby boomers retiring and millennials becoming the new shift of workers on the manufacturing floor, the desire for growth and coaching is deeply needed. AchieveForum offers a needs-based coaching series training that is set in a manufacturing environment. Why, you may ask? Because we all know that if you’re on the manufacturing floor seeing training set in an office, the likelihood the concept will resonate with you is low. Learning needs to link to an individual and an organization. When a learners’ attitude and belief can be address in a familiar environment, behavior can be changed. We aim to provide learners with a balance of challenge and support, while designing and cultivating learning communities, not just learning media.

What is the needs-based coaching series?

The Needs-Based Coaching Series is designed to help leaders develop skills that can help them coach effectively on a daily basis. The series provides a coaching framework and key actions that support the internal motivation of employees and maximize the performance of work groups. The Needs-Based Coaching Series consists of four stand-alone modules: Shaping a Motivational Workplace, Giving Needs-Based Feedback, Realizing Talent in Others, and Offering Rewards and Recognition.

AchieveForum’s Executive Consultant, Kim Arellano, published her thesis on Millennial Leadership Experience and Development Needs for Manufacturing 4.0. In this publishing, Kim discusses how the industry is changing; technology brings new manufacturing processes, skills are required to guide manufacturing in the transformation of the future and that the issue is not attracting new talent, but retaining it. So how do we help our clients retain their talent? Give the employees development and training to help their careers progress.

Think about what makes a leader great. Do your leaders lead effectively in the five Needs-Based Coaching areas? If not, here are a few steps you can take to address their needs immediately.

  1. Harness their potential. Equip your leaders with the skills and tools they need to be successful. Have a discussion about what they need and what their internal motivations are.
  2. Gain commitment and engagement by having genuine dialogue with an individual and share positive feedback
  3. Boost confidence and morale by showing you are invested in their career and growth potential.


Learn how to enroll your emerging leaders in the Needs–Based Coaching series by contacting or visiting our manufacturing resource page.

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