The Lead: Foreign Investors, Millennials Spark Change, Oprah’s Apple Deal

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Foreign Investors Race to Buy New Zealand Homes

Before rules that limit overseas sales are made laws, foreign investors have been purchasing a lot of New Zealand homes. Statistics that New Zealand reported showed that in the South Island resort town of Queenstown, about 10 percent of home transfers in the first quarter were to people without New Zealand citizenship or a resident visa, and in Auckland the proportion rose for a second-straight quarter, reaching as high as 19 percent in some suburbs of the nation’s biggest city. According to Quotable Value data, New Zealand saw home prices rise nationally 6.9% in May from last year.

Our View: The opportunities for your business can be just as time-sensitive and unpredictable as the challenges facing your business. Leaders much acquire the ability to sense and interpret not only the importance of but also the time-sensitive nature of events to put well-informed decisions into action. Proactive leaders hone their abilities to predict and respond to evolving opportunities. Further Reading

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Millennials Spark Changes in the Food Industry

With priorities of convenience, health, and transparency, millennials are influencing new developments in the ways people get their food. More informative food labels have proliferated as demands for manufacturers to show exactly what ingredients and sources create our food. Grocery shopping methods have expanded to orders that can be placed online and that include flexible pickup and delivery options.

Our View: Generational differences can affect purchasing behaviors. While everyone is jumping on the mobile bandwagon regardless of generation, when it comes to expressing loyalty, millennials and gen xers are more likely to seek out a specific brand rather than just shop at one location. This has tactical implications for your business: if your store carries a variety of brands and your customer base is made up of the 18-51 age range, conduct research on which brands your customers care most about. Further Reading

Oprah’s Deal with Apple

Apple is increasing their original content portfolio and has signed Oprah Winfrey to a multiyear deal for new original programs where she will have an on-screen role as a host and interviewer. Winfrey recently extended her contract with OWN, the television network she launched in 2011, through 2025, and Apple said their deal will not affect the OWN contract. The deal will help Apple contend with Netflix, which has a celebrity interview show with David Letterman and recently signed former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama in a multiyear deal.

Our View: When you think about outpacing your competition, you often think about success, but being willing to fail more than your competition can create an advantageous frame of mind. Shake up old habits and create a culture with a financial structure that supports it and allows you to experiment, invent, and fail without ruin. Further Reading

New Report Recognizes Sustainable Businesses

Ceres, a non-profit dedicated to sustainable business, generated a new report recognizing American corporations that are leaders in confronting climate change and resource scarcity. Adobe is leading the way in greenhouse gas emission reductions, Bank of America is exemplary in its sustainable buildings and facilities, and Johnson & Johnson is a pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer that incorporates a high standard of economic, social, and cultural rights throughout its overseas operations, supply chain, and workplaces. Several other corporations also topped the list with leading best practices in sustainable products, services, design, transportation, and innovation.

Our View: Understand where your organization stands on sustainability investments, including everything from water stewardship to board leadership and stakeholder engagement. Create a culture of sustainability at your organization by involving your team in defining what sustainability and corporate responsibility means at your organization. Use benchmarks to avoid developing guidelines in a vacuum and to establish a concrete understanding of where there is room for improvement. Further Reading

Record-breaking Opening for Incredibles 2

The opening weekend of the Disney-Pixar movie Incredibles 2 had the best debut of all time for an animated film with the record-breaking opening of $180 million in 4,410 locations. Surpassing 2016’s Finding Dory and 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, Incredibles 2 had the eighth-largest domestic opening of all time.

Our View: Sometimes the best leadership lessons come in the most unlikely of places, and imaginary superheroes can provide very real inspiration. The film Incredibles 2 is teeming with life teachings. Show appreciation for your team, leverage your unique abilities, and understand that success takes time are just a few takeaways from the recent hit animation. Further Reading

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