Creating a Coaching Culture – Why it Could be Easier than you Think

Did you know, organizations that effectively prepare managers to coach are 130% more likely to have stronger business results?

Coaching team members in organizations encourages people to think and do things differently. The encouragement of individuals taps into potential of organizations and gives a greater chance of success.

It’s found that leaders and organizations who consistently coach their employees:

* Improve employee engagement
* Increase individual and team performance
* Reduce non-discretionary turnover
* Improve overall business performance

But, organizations world-wide name coaching as a top skill gap and struggle to build a coaching culture. The reasons for this vary. In some cases, coaching becomes confused with training when coaching should be reinforcing training. It also takes time and effort to train mangers to be in the habit of daily coaching. Lastly, the biggest reason it’s difficult to create a coaching culture is that it often gets postponed for daily and more immediate tasks.

…but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Coaching can happen every day in small, informal moments. Here are a few steps you can take today to start implementing coaching in your organization:

*Coffee Break Brainstorm. Take one of  your managers out and spend 10 minutes brainstorming real-life, day-to-day opportunities for them to coach their people.

*Re-visit a recent training program. By thinking about a specific recent training program, you can identify opportunities to re-enforce the learning through coaching.

*Celebrate coaching around the business. When you hear about coaching that has taken place, make sure it’s recognized.

*Offer help. Make sure your managers know where to go for support if they are unsure how to approach a specific coaching opportunity.

At AchieveForum, we believe in democratizing access to coaching resources, to maximize individual and company performance. We’re offering a suite of our coaching micro-lessons that will accelerate your team’s success in small increments.

Micro-lessons are the next generation of e-learning and beneficial to coaching because they last only 5-7 minutes per lesson instead of a traditional program that can be upwards of three hours. To take a practice micro-lesson or learn more about how you can bring them to your organization, click here.