The Lead: Hybrid Planes, EU Fines Google, Dinosaur Discovery

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The Future of Flight: Greener, Quieter Hybrid Planes

Hybrid-electric short- to medium-range passenger planes could be soaring the skies by 2025. Airbus is teaming up with Rolls-Royce and Siemens to develop the E-fan X demonstrator, which will have significant environmental and economic advantages and will be set to fly in 2020. The hybrid aircraft could be the bridge to innovations like large all-electric jets.

Our View: An optimistic outlook can be a creative source for innovation. Renewable energy and policy innovations often arise from imagining paths to a better future. Commit to value and the possibility of realizing an optimistic vision by developing your expectations for ideal outcomes. Further Reading

EU Fines Google Over Android Antitrust Violations

The European Union fined Google with a record penalty of €4.34bn after finding out that Google required smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Google’s search and browser apps on devices using its Android operating system. Manufacturers that declined would not be allowed to use its Google Play online store and streaming service. The EU’s competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, said that the fine was so large because these anti-competitive practices dated back to 2011. Google has decided to appeal the decision.

Our View: Leading for organizational integrity requires holistic thinking that goes far beyond small conflicts between individual employees. The success of an organization rests on its relationships and reputation, and the leadership team is responsible for an organization’s code of ethics. The ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle believed that one becomes courageous by acting as a courageous person. Along the same vein, leaders should focus on developing attitudes, decision-making processes, and ways of thinking that reflect their core values. Further Reading

New Dinosaur Discovery

Fossils of a new genus and species of ankylosaurid dinosaur were found recently in southern Utah. The new discovery adds to the body of research about the diversity and evolution of these types of armored dinosaurs. “It is always exciting to name a new fossil taxon, but it is equally exciting if that taxon also provides additional insights into the bigger picture of its life, such as its diet or aspects of its behavior, and the environment it lived in,” said author Jelle Wiersma. “Such is exactly the case with Akainacephalus johnsoni.”

Our View: Exploration and discovery aren’t just important for paleontologists. Discovery-driven growth can be applicable to anyone looking to improve their organization. Unlike conventional management practices, the discovery-driven approach starts with the acknowledgment that outcomes are not predictable. The best leaders discover new ideas and deliberately redirect their actions according to real time feedback. Further Reading

Roku Ups Their Game with New Speakers

Roku has a reputation for inexpensive, simple television accessories, and now it’s entering the speaker market with the straightforward goal of providing better sound. Their speakers will not have a voice assistant built in but will have the selling points of affordability and an uncomplicated setup that simply connects over WiFi. The speakers will also have a feature to equalize the noise from your television to soften loud commercials. Moreover, the feature is optional and can be turned off when you want to experience the full spectrum of a film’s sound effects.

Our View: Developing new products is just one of many strategies you can use to out-innovate your competition. Develop a marathon-mentality (as opposed to a sprint-mentality) when thinking about your competition. Find the right pacing for new products that meet the consumer demand. Take calculated risks to improve your existing products, create new ones, and embrace emerging markets at the right time. Further Reading

Singapore Health Data Hack Affects 1.5 Million People

Singapore has been hit with a cyberattack that affected 1.5 million people who lost their personal profiles which included their names, addresses, gender, race, date of birth, and national registry numbers. The details of prescriptions for 160,000 people were also stolen. Singapore’s government assured citizens that no records were amended or deleted and no diagnoses, test results, or doctors’ notes were taken.

Our View: Strong security leadership requires a lot of risk management and encompasses everything from preventing cyberattacks to handling the aftermath of them. New security executives can increase their chances of landing a Chief Security Officer role by networking as a member of organizations like ISMA and OSAC, where they can meet colleagues, peers, and CSOs from a wide range of companies. Security executives should also seek out educational opportunities to help them make informed decisions, and they should be frequently honing their IT skill set. Further Reading