Research for the Modern Era

This post is authored by Sam Marquez, AchieveForum Research Manager. 

Leadership development is more necessary today than ever before. Employees at all levels of the organization are facing more moments that require leadership, with more frequency. Research shows four key forces are driving the increased demand for leadership skills throughout organizations:

  • Organizational hierarchies have become flatter, with higher frequency of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Decision-making has been diffused throughout more of the organization.
  • Traditional business models have been upended in favor of more flexible, agile methodologies.
  • Tried-and-true heuristics have been shattered by global mega-trends and innovations in technology.

Unfortunately, most leadership models currently in use are dated and poorly adapted to the demands of the modern workplace. Even the new age sounding ‘transformational leadership’ model pre-dates the use of e-mail and the internet at work. We need to develop leadership models that are adapted to the unique challenges and demands of the digital era.

Research For All

Leadership development research is going to be critical for us to update our leadership models. But much like how traditional leadership development is failing, traditional research is missing the mark as well. Historically, academic research has been highly opaque, slow to develop, and often difficult to understand and apply.

We have designed a unique open-source research model which is designed to address these challenges by turning research on its head. Our research process is highly visible with quick development cycles. No more will you have to wait 2 years for a solution to a problem you’re experiencing today.

Ultimately, we see the research process as a dialogue – an ongoing conversation among the communities within the leadership space. We invite you to join us in that conversation. To learn more, check out the latest publication of the research agenda.