Our Proven Leadership Programs are being made available in 7 Languages

Over the years, AchieveForum has built up a reputation for being one of the only truly global leadership development providers. Indeed, we have worked with 70% of the Fortune 500 in over four decades of cutting-edge research, design and delivery. We currently serve clients around the world through our 30+ global locations and 27,000+ certified trainers.

We’re now taking our global footprint a step further.

AchieveForum Alliance members already have access to course materials, facilitator guides and re-enforcement tools for 50+ proven leadership programs. We are now working through these valuable and extensive resources to make them available in 6 languages, in addition to English. These languages are Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).



Some of our most popular programs to be translated include:

  • Giving Needs-Based Feedback
  • Building Trust Under Pressure
  • First-Line Essentials
  • Adapting to Constant Change (See our infographic)
  • Coaching Clinic
  • Dilemma Management
  • Clarifying Performance Expectations
  • Realizing Talent in Others
  • Leading with Influence

We asked our APAC Managing Director. Andrew Calvert, for his thoughts on this latest offering to clients. “We’re delighted to be able to offer our leadership resources to global clients in these 7 languages – and this is just the beginning! We work in true partnership with our clients and are always listening to what they need in order to roll-out training across their workforce. It’s not just about translation – it’s also about localization with materials to build a multi touch learning journey, not just a training ‘event’. Our team of AchieveForum Partners and Faculty around the world are working tirelessly to ensure context is not lost as the materials are translated. Stay tuned for further updates!”

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