The Lead: Elections in Brazil, Earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Michael

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Tense Presidential Race in Brazil

A tense presidential race in Brazil is underway as frontrunner and far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro looks to beat his primary opponent Fernando Haddad of the left-ring Workers’ Party. If no candidate takes an outright majority after Brazilians vote, a runoff vote will be held in several weeks.

Our View: There is a lot of literature on leaders and influence, but it is usually from the angle of how leaders can be more influential. Followers can also influence their leaders by aligning their goals with their leader’s needs. A lot of the same rules of influence apply in either direction. Whether it’s a leader looking to influence a team or a team with a desire to inspire change in leadership, describing a vision with attainable, incremental, and actionable steps is an excellent method to apply. Remember persuasion is a process and relationships are built over time. Further Reading

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Earthquake in Haiti

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred about 12 miles north of Port-de-Paix in northwest Haiti late on October 6th. Preliminary figures show that twelve people were killed, and search and rescue missions are underway for the many that were injured. Property damage extends to homes and private buildings in the northern region of Haiti, but there was no major damage to government structures other than a cultural center in Gros Morne.

Our View: Many lessons can be gleaned from emergency management and carried over to improving leadership in business. While the goals of emergency preparedness and response are universal: protect lives, limit property damage, and reduce harmful environmental effects, business goals can be a bit more nuanced. Jointly create and define your team’s collective values before setting goals. More buy-in and commitment is created when your team members feel ownership of the process. Further Reading

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Tropical Storm Michael

Hurricane season 2018 continues as Tropical Storm Michael is forecast to intensify and upgrade to a hurricane. Florida Governor Rick Scott said he plans to declare a state of emergency for counties in the Florida Panhandle and the Big Bend area in order to free up resources for storm preparation.

Our View: An excellent leader prepares for the unexpected to avoid disasters and keep a keen eye out for opportunities. Create rules around preparation. (For example, a judge may set the guideline of four hours of preparation time for every one hour of trial.) The more you prepare, the better you can adjust to unexpected events. Further Reading

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Making Your Home More Sustainable

Stephanie Hurley, landscape architect and associate professor of ecological landscape design at the University of Vermont, shares tips for making your home greener and more resilient to storms. “In some cases, the best time to make changes is when one is already working on site to modify the landscape. This might include re-doing a driveway, improving foundation or basement drainage, or renovating a building or garden. Some of the simplest green storm water infrastructure practices, like disconnecting downspouts or installing rain barrels and sometimes rain gardens can be very low cost; others are more expensive, but it varies on a case-by-case basis.”

Our View: Everything you purchase for your business from the pens and paper to your office furniture leaves an environmental footprint. Find ways to lead a greener and more sustainable business with your procurement team. Choose suppliers that sell goods and services that have been produced sustainably and don’t require excessive packaging. Your incremental green choices add up, making a difference for our planet and your ability to recruit talent and gain customers. Further Reading

Improve Health, Reduce Aging, and Lengthen Lifespan

Another study confirms that fruits and vegetables are good for you. Many fruits and vegetables contain a natural product called Fisetin that has reduced the burden of damaged cells and slowed deteriorating cells in mice. The study suggests that this product has significant positive effects on health and lifespan in humans, even when consumed late in life.

Our View: Age should never be a barrier to make changes, because with our brains’ neuroplasticity, humans intrinsically have a vast capacity to learn new things. The same concept applies to organizations. It’s never too late to change the status quo. Develop a growth mindset and promote a culture that nurtures this mindset in others by demonstrating compassion and respect. Even simple compliments can build great momentum. Further Reading

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