The Lead: Drug Delivery Partnership, Amazon Catching Thieves, Microsoft’s Web Browser for Mac

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Prescription Drug Delivery Partnership

Walgreens and FedEx are collaborating to deliver prescription drugs to customers with qualifying prescriptions as early as the next day for $4.99. In certain markets, same-day delivery is already available, and Walgreens said it will expand it further in 2019. Next-day delivery service is also available through Walgreen’s competitor CVS Health Corp, and Walgreens is looking to stay competitive with Amazon which has the potential to disrupt every major player in the U.S. prescription drug supply chain.

Our View: Staying ahead of your disruptors, like many other aspects of strong leadership, is about asking the right questions. Consider your customers and evaluate whether or not they can profitably grow with you. Examine how their appreciation scales along with your business and if the new value you create for them is recognized. If it’s not, think about where to look for a better customer match. Further Reading

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Amazon Catching Thieves

Although it’s filled with the spirit of giving, the holiday season is not immune to theft. Amazon is working with U.S. police to stop thieves from stealing packages left outside homes. They’ve been planting dummy boxes equipped with GPS trackers and hidden doorbell cameras to catch thieves. Amazon also provides lockers in a wide variety of places (like stores, transportation centers, and universities) for customers to pick up their parcels.

Our View: Stay in control of what is in your control by being a vigilant customer and leader. Vigilant leadership is not only about thinking several steps ahead. It’s also about being more externally oriented, being open to new ideas from diverse perspectives, and being imaginative. Further Reading

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Microsoft’s New Web Browser for Mac

Microsoft is going to further develop its Edge browser to make it more widely available. It will work with all supported versions of Windows, including Apple’s macOS, and Microsoft plans to have a preview build ready for users to try in early 2019.

Our View: Being an excellent product leader requires strong business acumen, domain and technical knowledge, and a robust set of social and communication skills. In addition to these fundamentals, product leaders must go even further and think beyond the product to its impact in regard to social responsibility and security. Further Reading

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Threat of Bioengineered Pathogens

The growth of biotechnological capabilities increases the associated risks and threats of engineered pathogens. New global standards and practices and more flexible countermeasures are needed to combat the threat of bioweapons. A recent Center for Health Security report explained that “one of the biggest challenges in outbreak response, particularly for emerging infectious diseases, is the availability of reliable diagnostic assays that can quickly and accurately determine infection status.”

Our View: Set a measured tone for exploration with high stakes. Clearly communicate your goals and their associated risks. Avoid paralysis by analysis by prioritizing the problems you will tackle in a set time period. Further Reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

University of Waterloo researchers found that drawing is a better method for retaining new information than re-writing notes, visualization exercises, or passively looking at images. “Drawing improves memory across a variety of tasks and populations, and the simplicity of the strategy means that it can be used in many settings,” said Myra Fernandes, a psychology professor in cognitive neuroscience at Waterloo.

Our View: Imagery and metaphor make a big difference in business communications. When speakers and writers engage more of the five senses through their language, they bolster the effect of their words. More isn’t always better. Be careful with suggesting too many images or mixing metaphors that could confuse your audience. Get to know your audience and design your message specifically for them. Further Reading

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