The Lead: Italy’s Traveling Library, Holiday Recharge, Global Blueberry Supply

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Italy’s Traveling Library

As a retired school teacher, Antonio La Cava has a personal understanding of the impact of education, and his passion for helping others continues into retirement. He overhauled his three-wheeler into a tiny mobile library to give children in the remote communities of Basilicata easier access to books.

Our View: Making a library mobile is a creative way to reach those who have less access to traditional library locations. Find creative ways to adapt your current tools, systems, and processes to engage your employees. Be transparent with the reasons behind your requests, because when employees understand the why behind their tasks, they are more motivated to complete them and complete them well. Further Reading

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Holiday Recharge

In a Morar Consulting survey of HR professionals, 95 percent of HR leaders said employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention. Long days, low pay, and an increasing amount of screen time are all contributing to employee burnout.

Our View: Leaders often struggle with unplugging during the holidays, but winding down can help them be more present for loved ones’ gatherings and help them recharge for the work ahead. It helps when leaders don’t confuse their desire for closure with important business priorities. After careful evaluation of which tasks can be temporarily left unfinished, don’t be afraid to leave certain things undone until you are back from your holiday. Further Reading

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Storm and Strike Blocks Global Blueberry Supply

The largest exporter of blueberries will likely send a smaller batch of the super food around the world as a hailstorm destroyed blueberry crops in central Chile and a month-long port strike continues. A lot of the remaining blueberry harvest is being re-directed to another port, but the temporary solution creates congestion in the supply chain.

Our View: The negotiations that must take place for wage and working condition protests and strikes require enduring effort and striving for mutually beneficial outcomes. Team-building exercises can go well beyond entertainment and help eliminate biases that stunt negotiations. Make sure your team-building exercises delve deep into every stakeholder’s interests, positions, and background without oversimplifying them. Further Reading

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YouTube Cleaning House

For the first time YouTube listed its channel deletion, which was the removal of over 7.85 million videos and 1.67 million channels between July and September of this year. YouTube said the deletions were due to spam or scam content.

Our View: Leadership transparency makes employees happier and in turn, more engaged. When employees trust their senior leaders, they understand their decisions and their decision process, are more motivated, and are significantly less likely to quit. Further Reading

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2019 Leadership Predictions

Adam Rogers, CTO of Ultimate Software, makes leadership predictions for the upcoming year and says, “I expect to see predictive functionalities in future recruiting and learning platforms. I’m also excited about analytical benchmarking, where organizations can compare themselves to their peers and competitors in terms of L&D spending, recruiting, organizational design, and other talent measures.” The rise of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and training to fill skill gaps as a part of the recruitment process are also predicted to be leadership trends in 2019 that will likely affect how you plan and implement your strategic initiatives. The increasing importance of company culture, especially when it comes to recruitment, will be another trend to look out for.

Our View: Anticipating trends and staying ahead of the constantly changing business, training, and recruiting landscape is one of the most important skills to keep competitive. Build future-focused strategies by staying up to date with these three broad categories of trends: technology, demographics, and government regulation. Further Reading

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