Webinar Recap: Unlocked leadership content to meet organization’s needs

Leadership development is high priority in organizations, but research has shown the outcomes have a low satisfaction rate with CEOs (McLean & Company).

Why is this?

We have found the reason is because of massive needs in organizations and tiny resources allotted to leadership development. In the past three decades, leadership moments have increased dramatically in organizations, while the HR teams and resources dedicated to development is shrinking.

We asked webinar participants a poll: which demands and research constraints are most relevant to your organization? Here were the top three that we found among webinar participants

  • Demands:
    • Next generation leaders
    • Systems thinking verses silo managing
    • Decision making to all levels of the organization
  • Resource constraints
    • Fewer L&D professionals and teams spread too thin
    • Questionable returns
    • Smaller discretionary budgets

What the webinar participants had to say mimic what we hear from our clients.

What the AchieveForum Alliance is doing, in our existing world of limited resources and ever expanding demands, is trying to bring everything in one place for an L&D professional to implement leadership development in their organization.

Here are three benefits the Alliance offers to L&D professionals:

  1. Live events with other alliance members. We host in person events in cities around the world and we’ve been focused on exploring the themes of behavior change, collaboration, and discovery. In our Summit experiences, you’re able to problem solve with other Alliance members to help the talent professional be more efficient in what you do.
  2. Alliance offers unlocked content. The content gives you freedom to adapt the program materials to fit your organization. Move, recreate, and adjust any program to make it more dialed into your environment. This is one of the biggest alliance benefits our current members are using.
  3. Emphasis on trainer preparation. Preparation videos are available for trainers to learn the program and better their facilitation skills. This allows for additional insight into the program, with a unique 360 camera video recording view. We also interview some of our facilitators so that you can learn from what they do and become stronger as a trainer.

Everything on the Alliance is built for L&D professionals to be successful. We want to make sure we are supporting you with the platform.

After discussing the Alliance, our webinar took a turn to talk about innovative ways we are pushing the boundaries in leadership development.

We have been doing research with our clients and the #1 concern from our clients was “how do we actually see behavior change in our development”. The concern across the board is implementing leadership development that last.

The data says that people actually changing their behaviors is low, and we did research to as “what really enables behavior change in the workplace”? What we found seems obvious, “our brains don’t really want to change behavior unless we’re forced too”. We like learning new information, but our brains don’t really want to change. We also found our environment supports our old behaviors.

What do we need to do? We need to shift our focus to installation.

Almost all leadership development focuses on knowledge transfer and the ability to perform a behavior. We do this really well as an industry. What is missing is the continuous efforts to foster a supportive environment? Personal, Team, and environmental settings are all areas we need to focus on.

We invite everyone to test out our new Behavior Catalyst system. It’s still in beta testing, but registration is starts in February. It’s free to HR teams and we’re going to start with behaviors related to adaptability to change.

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