The Lead: Twitter Junk Accounts, 2019 Oscars, Regulating Cryptocurrency

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Twitter Junk Accounts

Twitter banned more than 4,000 politically motivated disinformation accounts originating in Russia, another 3,300 from Iran, and more than 750 from Venezuela, and the social media firm also banned 162,000 abusive applications just in the last six months of 2018. Twitter is working to limit these abusive apps by implementing new restrictions on how they’re given access to Twitter’s API. In a 16-month study of 1.5 billion tweets, computer science researchers at the University of Iowa identified more than 167,000 apps using Twitter’s API to automate bot accounts that spread tens of millions of tweets pushing spam, links to malware, and astroturfing campaigns.

Our View: How your organization operates in its larger business and digital ecosystems impacts your ability to fulfill your strategic objectives, economic success, and social responsibility. Take an “outside-in” perspective, and decide what role your organization will play in these ecosystems: leader, disruptor, niche player, orchestrator, or something else. Further Reading

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2019 Oscars

This year the Oscar for best picture went to Green Book, a film about a world-class African-American pianist who embarks on a concert tour in the Deep South in 1962. The film Bohemian Rhapsody, which chronicles the story of Freddie Mercury and Queen, won four Oscars, including best actor at the 91st annual Academy Awards.

Our View: Award ceremonies and other well defined corporate events can boost employee morale and productivity. Before you organize a corporate event, decide the type and purpose of the event. Make sure the event will spark a positive and optimistic attitude among your employees. Fun and quirky corporate events don’t need to be expensive or elaborate to promote a greater connection to your organization and could be as simple as a picnic, potluck breakfast, or department trivia. Further Reading

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Regulating Cryptocurrency

Recent discussions about cryptocurrency include figuring out what controls are needed to make the asset more secure for investors without impeding its market growth. Regulations must fit the evolving dynamic of financial services and accommodate new entrants, but regulating digitally native startups is challenging. A good regulatory system looks at risk systemically and creates room for innovation and new market entrants.

Our View: Innovation and regulation should work together. With an average of 23.14 billion devices connected across the internet of things today and that number constantly increasing, more devices are susceptible to data breaching. Regulation becomes necessary for innovation to be sustainable. “If tech organizations are not held accountable for how they use personal data, we are creating a predatory world. We tend to assume that there is one set of rules for the real world and another set of rules for the digital world. But that’s a mistake — there is just one world,” said Martin Zizi, founder and CEO of Aerendir Mobile, the pioneer developer of a physiological biometrics solution called NeuroPrint. Further Reading

A Future of Transportation Partnership

Rival German carmakers BMW and Daimler are partnering in a $1 billion joint venture to develop ride-sharing, charging, and parking services. This mobility business is part of their attempt to compete with upstarts like Uber.

Our View: Joint ventures and other types of partnerships are excellent ways to share the costs of developing technologies. However, shared rewards often come with shared risks. Partners should complement each other’s skills so their synergies outweigh the risks. Further Reading

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New Foldable Phone

Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone is thinner, has a larger screen, and folds flatter than Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Fold. The folding feature of the new smartphone battle is more than just a trendy look, as the feature creates a useful dual-screen smartphone.

Our View: Researchers who published in Industrial Marketing Management found that in China transformational-charismatic leadership has a stronger effect on product innovation, while transactional leadership has a stronger effect on process innovation. Leadership is not one size fits all. Consider situations at your company that require different styles of leadership, and seek 360 degree feedback to thoroughly evaluate your assumptions. Further Reading

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