Influencing Behavior in the Digital Age

We’re wired to expect the usual, and anything outside of that sends our brains into panic mode. As the Digital Age ushers us into a new world characterized by fast-paced change and complexity, we’re introduced to a whole new set of stressors in the workplace, and our brains are reading each and every one of them as a threat.

Constant change requires a constant shift in behavior. We’re asking our brains to adjust to a new normal almost everyday, and it’s proving to be an increasingly difficult task.

Changing the status quo

The key to getting your team over the hump of behavior change lies in mitigating their natural instinct: to resist.

According to a neuroscience study, when there is little or no social threat involved, or when the hard work of developing a new habit is eased, people show less resistance. Here’s where you should start:

  • Enable new behaviors
  • Activate ownership
  • Support adoption

With the introduction of Industry 4.0, many millennials have reported feeling “unprepared” or “threatened” by yet another wave of new technology (Deloitte 2018). Combat this by enabling new behaviors that are imperative to their success. Take the time to understand the fear that fuels your team’s resistance. Why are they afraid and how can you prepare them to face and conquer these fears?

Try activating ownership. This starts with communication and engaging your team in a collaborative change design. Behavior change will only stick if it exists in an environment that is ready to support and nurture it. Encourage open communication surrounding the required shifts and build a sense of commitment towards a common goal. We all want the same thing – be it broader success or a specific KPI to work towards, so let’s adjust our processes and sustain them for the good of the team.

Lastly, in order to sustain behavior change, we must constantly be working at it. In a VUCA world, our business environments are always shifting. Leaders need to help their teams in supporting the adoption of new behaviors. Influencing behavior change is not a one-and-done deal. It takes continuous dialogue, clarity, and peer-enabled support to sustain new practices. Work together to identify any elements that may threaten new behaviors and eliminate obstacles.

Start empowering your team

Our Influencing Behavior Change in the Digital Age learning journey

Of course, all this sounds easier said than done, but rest assured – it can be done. And here at AchieveForum, we’re committed to helping businesses overcome these obstacles.

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