Leading in the Digital Matrix

The path to leadership success has changed dramatically over the past decade. Where the Industrial Age saw steady jobs and a set of expected responsibilities, today’s world is comprised of

  • An exponentially higher pace of change. In fact, leaders are being bombarded with constant change.
  • A more uncertain workplace. Our ability to accurately predict the future – or even what might happen in the next few days – has diminished to the point where we must expect the unexpected on a daily basis.
  • A shift in the very nature of our work. Today, execution requires specialized skills and expertise, and traditional approaches to how individuals do their jobs have been replaced with complex knowledge work that cuts across organizational boundaries and is different almost everyday.

Working towards the bigger picture

The complexity of today’s world has brought about feelings of uncertainty and anxiety in our employees. Many of them feel that work has become boundary-less. Our people have become paralyzed by the fear of projects that seem too hard or too risky to complete successfully.

While we’ve always had to work collaboratively, the workplace of today requires an even more extensive network of formal and informal groups. As a leader in the digital age, it’s important to establish and foster these groups by doing the following:

Create a collective purpose

Part of the complexity of the workplace stems from the increasing number of relationships needed to get things done. It’s imperative that each employee has a clear understanding of who’s who and how they can work together to succeed.

Teams typically work better together when they’re all on the same page, working towards one common goal. Encourage constant communication that is open, clear, and authentic. Create collective goals that apply to all members of the team.

Encourage adaptive execution

As mentioned earlier, the rate of change in the workplace is constant. In other words, there’s really no way to predict what might happen which makes problem solving and planning a bit trickier.

It’s important now more than ever to invite all different perspectives to the decision-making table. You need people that are representative of the world around you and that are able to adapt quickly.

There’s no telling whether or not a proposed solution will work, so having a team that’s prepared to monitor execution and pivot as needed is invaluable.

Foster dynamic collaboration

The number of relationships that are important to getting things done has ballooned astronomically. To counteract the complexity of cross-organization work, one must build a strong, trust-based environment.

Use non-positional leadership to create buy-in and enthusiasm for action. Work to foster relationships outside the singular team. Giving your employees the interpersonal skills to communicate with peers effectively will go a long way in this digital matrix.

Empower your team

Our Leading in the Digital Matrix learning journey

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