The Lead: NASA Chooses Partner, China’s Anbang Fields Bid for Luxury U.S. Hotel, New Tech Tools for Small Businesses

NASA Chooses Partners for its Artemis Lunar Lander

Planning to land humans on the Moon again by 2024, NASA chose 11 companies as partners to help develop concepts and prototypes for its lunar lander. The partner company contracts total $45.5 million and includes a six month deadline to complete their work. Some of the companies included are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, and Blue Origin. Smaller companies like Masten Space Systems are also in the mix.

Our View: Avoid common pitfalls when you are a startup or smaller company partnering with a large company by clearly defining what you want out of the partnership while also being clear on the strengths you bring to it. Make sure your goals align and build strong relationships with a personal contact at the larger company. Perhaps most importantly, remember that collaborations require trust. Be upfront and honest about your expectations for the partnership. Becoming a High Performing Team, Building Trust Under Pressure, Guiding Collaborative Discussions, Collaboration Skills

China’s Anbang Fields Bids for its U.S. Luxury Hotels

China’ Anbang properties of Strategic Hotels & Resorts was bought for $6.5 billion from Blackstone in 2016, and now seventeen potential buyers have made bids of up to $5.8 billion for Anbang’s Insurance portfolio of US luxury hotels business. Anbang was put under regulatory control in 2018 when Wu Xiaohui, its founder, was jailed for 18 years on fraud and embezzlement charges.

Our View: Leaders in sales and leaders in procurement should work together to manage bidding wars. Timely and insightful data analysis is required to gather the right intelligence for generating the best possible outcomes. Include everything from pricing documents to compliance documents and due diligence documents to security questionnaires in your analysis of bids. New Tech Tools for Small Businesses

Microsoft and Facebook recently announced some new tech tools for small businesses. Many of them are designed to cut costs and improve marketing, sales, and customer service. YouTube video ads are becoming more accessible to small businesses with a new online video creation platform called

Our View: The right tech tools are not enough to create transformational change. Technology needs leaders to communicate its purpose and power to make work easier, more efficient, more effective, and more enjoyable. Leading in the Digital Matrix, Connecting People to Strategy, Accelerating Strategic Initiatives, Creating Clarity and Focus

Return of New Coke with Stranger Things

The previously failed 1985 product New Coke is returning after 34 years with the return of Netflix’s show Stranger Things. The blockbuster series takes place in the summer of 1985, and Coca-Cola’s re-release of New Coke will coincide with the plot-line.

Our View: Coca-Cola isn’t the only company jumping on the Stranger Things bandwagon. H&M is also taking advantage of Netflix’s 149 million subscribers and releasing a new line of 1980s-inspired clothing. Netflix is using product placement and merchandising deals to diversify revenue instead of allowing advertisements that interrupt programming. Brainstorm how your company can diversify revenue streams in ways that also heighten your customer experience. Graduating High School and College in Eleven Days

It’s graduation season, and many of us are attending graduations and parties to celebrate our loved ones accomplishments. One talented student with an extremely incredible memory is making headlines and celebrating his graduation from high school and Harvard college in eleven days. Braxton Moral graduated from his high school in Ulysses, Kansas, and less than two weeks later, the 17-year-old also graduated from Harvard University’s Extension School, receiving his undergraduate degree.

Our View: Finding new and innovative ways to educate our youth is imperative to humanity’s ability to advance. Educators are increasingly leveraging unconventional ways to prepare youth for the workforce and leadership roles. Experts estimate that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been created yet. Leaders in industry have a responsibility to engage schools and students in authentic and relevant work that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset. Next Gen Leadership, Leading in the Digital Matrix, Leading in the Digital Age

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