4 Ways To Improve Staff Morale

Authored by Matt Somers, AchieveForum Middle East

Legend has it that a CEO once stood up at an all-staff meeting and said, “Unless morale improves, the firings will continue!”

 For a long time I thought this couldn’t possibly be true, but these days I’m not so sure.

 It goes without saying (doesn’t it?) that a happy, motivated, upbeat workforce will outperform one that isn’t, and so every leader should make it their priority to ensure staff morale is maintained.

Below I’ve outlined a few tried and tested “quick wins” that can help restore morale when it’s taken a bit of a battering. After all, as a leader, you can’t control external circumstances, like market conditions, lost customers, and staff reductions, but you can certainly try and create a good climate for your own team.

  1. Share positive feedback

 Let’s face it, when we’re told we’re doing a good job, it motivates us to keep up the good work and develops our esteem and self-worth.

 If there’s one thing that trumps sincere praise from a manager, it’s sincere praise from customers. It’s easier than ever to collect good customer comments, so it’s important to share those good reviews with the team – it will make them feel valued.

  1. Mix things up

 Have your people been sitting in the same room, at the same desk, beside the same colleagues for months or years on end? If so, how about changing things around? As the old saying goes, a change is as good as a holiday and it can be surprising how new conversations with new people, or new routines, can freshen things up and make a life a bit more interesting.

  1. Support a good cause

 Is there a good cause that the team can rally round, get involved with, and fully support? If so, this can be a really great way of strengthening relationships and keeping perspective during difficult times at work.

 Be careful – it needs to be something that most, if not all, of the team care about and you may need to allow some work time for a level of involvement that would make a difference, but the payback in terms of staff morale can be huge.

  1. Celebrate failure and analyse success

 Of course, we normally do this the other way around! But sometimes it can be more encouraging to go for that drink, get pizzas in or buy some cakes after a series of blows. Equally, we can pass off successes too easily and not complete a thorough enough analysis to realize that we might have struck lucky and that there are still things to change and improve.

When staff are happy and content in their job, productivity levels increase. Thus, there are many benefits to improving and maintaining staff morale (growth, an enhanced bottom line, increased staff retention rates, quota attainment).

How do you boost staff morale in your workplace? Help me turn this into a list of ten or more ideas by sharing your own tips.


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