3 Things Our Clients Want To Improve in 2020

It’s sad to think that my summer in the American Midwest is coming to an end. But with the end of summer comes the flurry of fall activities that I am looking forward to – like apple picking and cozy fall sweaters. I’m not the only one looking ahead; our clients are also entering a planning phase for what they are doing the rest of the 2019 and crafting their 2020 leadership development strategies.

In 2020, our clients say they are looking for their stakeholders to improve their ability to:

  1. Navigate ambiguity and change​
  2. Engagenetworks of stakeholders​
  3. Lead through influence

Faced with aggressive goals, constant change and uncertainty, more L&D leaders are investing in leadership development training at every level of the organization – from front-line management to emerging high-potentials and senior executives.​

Navigate Ambiguity and Change

In this digital age, change is constant. As such, our clients are looking to enable their leaders to perform more effectively in an environment of consistent change and uncertainty, while still delivering high levels of performance.

They are doing this by improving adaptability of their leaders because research has shown that highly adaptable leaders experience change and uncertainty differently.

Leaders who are adaptable:

  • Adjust easily to ambiguity and change
  • Rebound from minor annoyances, the unexpected and true adversity
  • Draws on an seemingly endless supply of personal energy

We recommend these 5 practices to raise ambiguity threshold and improve adaptability:

  1. Anticipate the future
  2. Accept uncertainty
  3. Apply flexibility
  4. Be tenacious
  5. Exercise curiosity

Download our Adapting to Constant Change infographic here.

Engage Networks of Stakeholders

Collaboration skills has been a hot issue for a few years now, especially as the network of those who lead has grown and the number of daily leadership moments rise. Unfortunately, we tend to move right through leadership moments without even realizing they have occurred and miss crucial opportunities.

Collaboration with stakeholders is not necessarily an automatic response when people work together – it is a conscious undertaking to realize that a leadership moment is occurring, and even more of an undertaking to tackle how you will handle it as a leader.

Important elements of collaboration and engaging stakeholders are:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • decision making
  • resolving conflict
  • maintaining perspective

Engaging stakeholders is about creating the value through positive working relationships and innovative work those relationships produce.

Lead Through Influence

Throughout the leadership pipeline, leaders who prepare and communicate in ways that persuade and inspire others to act differently find success. Which is why this is the third major theme we’ve heard from our clients who are planning for 2020.

We’ve found the most successful leaders that influence outcomes through others follow 5 steps.

  1. Introduce topics in questions and focus on the benefits
  2. Offer supporting information and paint a picture of
  3. Explore reactions, concerns and ideas of the group by inviting participation and acknowledge contributions
  4. Collaborate on a plan to move forward
  5. Summarize agreements and actions to make sure all groups are on board

Looking to 2020

As a leadership development company, it’s our job to make sure these digital-age challenges/behaviors are addressed in our courses.​

If you are interested in receiving an overview of courses we send to our clients, and how we can fit into your 2020 plans, reach out today.

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