5 Ways Our Clients Are Using Their Alliance Membership

Are you already a valued AchieveForum Alliance member? Or are you perhaps simply exploring what an external leadership development partner could do for you? Either way, this guide aims to give you insights into how your L&D peers are using their Alliance membership to drive their leadership development strategy, alleviate sources of stress and to enhance productivity. 

  1. ‘Claire’ – works for a mid-sized tech company with a small L&D team. She has limited resources internally for L&D design and facilitation. They do what they can in-house, but make full use of the discounted rates for design and facilitation services that come with Alliance membership. It works well for them as they pull a significant amount of content from the Alliance library, tailoring it as needed for their organisation, but when the workload is overwhelming, they call on us to step in and take on some of the heavy lifting around design customisation and in-person facilitation. It’s cost-effective and enables her to make the best use of her internal resources, without tying them up in travelling globally for facilitation or spending days/weeks in developing content.  
  1. ‘Sandeep’ is the Global Head of L&D for a major manufacturer. He and his team have recently revamped their leadership framework, and are now in the tough second phase of the project where they want to raise awareness of the new competencies, and provide training across all leadership levels to embed new behaviours. They intend to create a common leadership language and are using Alliance content to enhance and refresh their bespoke leadership development programmes. Sandeep has an existing, talented pool of facilitators and has invested in the Suite Certification (TTT) for them so he can build their confidence in the new content. 
  1. ‘Kristina’ is highly experienced, but relatively new to her L&D role in the financial services sector. Partly prompted by regulatory requirements, her employer has been diligently providing mid-to-senior leaders with development for many years. Upon joining the organisation, she has realised that the content is a bit stale, and doesn’t reflect the significant transformation their business has seen over the last 18 months. Kristina would like to give it a complete overhaul but knows it’s costly and wouldn’t be approved. She tends to use her Alliance membership to access updated content – for example, compelling exercises that are continually being designed and released to members, built around every day events and news stories. She has also jumped straight onto the ‘Leading in a Digital Age’ modules as they cover many of the desired behaviours that are otherwise missing in her existing content. 
  1. ‘Brooke’ is based in the HQ of a pharmaceutical/biotech company and has responsibility for an L&D team that is cast far and wide around the world. One of her main challenges is being able to provide a wide range of resources globally, often at short notice. Her team are all under pressure to deliver leadership development to leaders at all levels, and with a focus on first-line leaders, there are a lot of people to serve. She values the fact that Alliance enables her to give instant access to leadership resources and materials to local L&D colleagues. The courses are ‘ready made’ which satisfies their need for speed, but also offers flexibility for those who need to customise content. Brooke feels less stressed as she knows the learning experience will be consistent across the organisation.   
  1. ‘Jon’ is a sophisticated L&D practitioner who is always looking to build on the effectiveness of the leadership development that falls within the remit of his immediate team. He was drawn to the collaborative nature of Alliance – valuing the benefits of cross-company and even cross-industry networking and insights. He attended both of the Everyday Leadership Summits that have so far taken place for Alliance members (on Behaviour Change and Adaptive Collaboration) and is keen to progress at a fast pace to ensure the real value of L&D is known throughout the business. He has worked with us for a long time, and values us as a thinking partner for leadership development. While he regularly draws on the content available to him, he’s an early adopter with some of our innovative developments and is currently working on a co-creation project with us on our latest research-based initiative. 

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