Don’t Spend Your Time – Invest It

Those who effectively manage their time use what they want to achieve as a guidepost for determining which activities to invest in and whether or how to make changes in direction. They don’t spend their time – they invest it instead. They also reserve a portion of their time for investment in energizing activities, like time for reflection, that help them to achieve goals and maintain their focus. Continue reading Don’t Spend Your Time – Invest It

Coaching & Clowns in Happy Gilmore

Realizing talent in others, while not always the easiest thing to do in practice, is one of the key attributes in an effective coach. Studies show that people, by nature, feel the need to succeed at new challenges and engage in interesting activities. In this case, playing golf allowed Happy to try something new and find success in an activity outside of his comfort zone. Continue reading Coaching & Clowns in Happy Gilmore