5 Tips for Great Project Management

Project management goes way beyond delivering specific tasks and it requires team collaboration and being able to form and grow strong client relationships. Your key stakeholders play a key role in helping you to stay focused on the right priorities and to get things done – so managing these relationships effectively creates increased clarity and focus. Continue reading 5 Tips for Great Project Management

#TrueOrFalse: The Three V’s of Communication

Also referred to as the “7-38-55 rule”, coaches and trainers quote the research conducted by Albert Mehrabian PhD that postulates that communications consists of 7% verbal, 38% vocal (inflection, tone, etc), and 55% visual (body language) content. It is hypothesized that when there is a disparity between something that is said, and how we say it, people generally take the vocal and visual components of our communication as the bulk of the information. Continue reading #TrueOrFalse: The Three V’s of Communication